Welcome to the Climate Pros Online Company Store



When placing a branch stock order, please add all items to your cart and proceed to checkout.  When you're asked for payment method choose PO and use your branch name for the PO number on the next line to complete the transaction.  All orders will be sent for approval before being processed.


If you are a new or existing field employee and need your initial uniform order or replacement for damaged uniforms, please check with your branch manager because they have standard field uniforms in stock at the branch and will work with you on fulfillment.


If an employee would like to order Climate Pros branded clothing, Climate Pros covers the first $50.00 spent per year and any cost above and beyond that will be at the employee's expense.  You will need to use your personal credit card for all remaining balances. This does not include the annual allotment for field staff. You will need to enter promo code 2020 in order to check out and receive your allotment.


Note that personal orders are consolidated and placed every two weeks so there may be a delay in receiving these.


Please include your home shipping address for personal orders. 


Freight will be charged at a flat rate of $10.00 on all orders.